Who is The MULK?


Alter ego of Agent Spitback, the Mr Hyde to Agent Spitback, the voice that roars when trifled with political correctness gone too far.

The Terrible Musings of The Mulk is a funny lifestyle blog about everything and everyone talks about on Twitter. Whose lifestyle?  That is part of her Phd thesis on the Theory of Everyone with Nothing for her Phd in Life Delusions.

The MULK – the primal instinct all parents have that transforms ordinary people into unrecognizable creatures with superhero sized portions of protectiveness, love and empowerment when their offspring and/or other loved ones are in danger of being hurt physically or emotionally.

THE MULK also makes an appearance during times of parenting distress of “You can’t make me.”; “Why do I have to?”, “I’m not your slave”, “You are NOT the BOSS of me.” and extreme deafness of children when engrossed in video games.

The MULK occasionally appears during times of other stressors like “Did you leave the toilet seat up AGAIN?”; “She said WHAT about me?”, “How am I going to apply for leave to watch Jack receive his certificate at morning assembly when I have three meetings that day?”, “What? I have ADULT ACNE?!!!”; “And no, I do not need reading glasses YET.”

The MULK roars her mighty cry that rings through the playground jungle and the water cooler hallway that nobody, and I mean, NOBODY trifles with her offspring, her family, her friends, her career or with her.

The MULK is nominating herself for the “Best Parenting Tantrum Ever Thrown on 24th December 2014”. Please vote at www.whyparentspayfortherapy.com and like her Facebook page to have her released from the play-pen in time for Christmas 2015.

The MULK’s picture has been proudly published by HuffingPuffingWheezingOMGIcan’tbreathe Post and she has been commissioned to write the next article “You want the POOP? You can’t handle the POOP!” which would be made into a feature film – “A Few Good Excuses”.


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