Who Is Agent Spitback?

Hang on? Do you have your permission slip from your children to read this dangerously funny parenting and life nonsense blog that will teach you the art of parenting madness?

Embracing the “Keep your enemies close and your children closer to them” motto, this funny parenting blog has been banned in 9372 Childcare centres and 1200689 Mother’s Groups.

Right, you still here?

Congratulations, I’m impressed, you’re obviously not an ordinary mere mortal.

Go put on your pee proof undies, Agent Spitback is one mum’s dangerously funny mission to survive the most terrifying place on earth – the school playground.

Part Mom, part mother, part Mommm-mmmeeeeee, part spouse, part daughter, part ninja, part domestic goddess, part career woman, one quarter peanut butter, three quarters milk, lots of chocolate sprinkles, fiery chilli spice of a real woman who tells you as it is.

Agent Spitback is a journalist masquerading as an ass kicking ninja mom masquerading as a corporate jam sandwich. I like making up stories about people around me, because honestly, that’s what I’ve been trained for.

Mission : “Making parents spit out their Cake Crumbs, laughing one blog post at the time.”

Slime Bogger Spit Magazine, 2015 called me “the deadly arsenal of a humorist ever” (said no one ever).

PoopAway Magazine, 2015 called me “the most talked about Blogger of the year” (mainly in psychiatric circles).

The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback is the World’s First Nonsense Blog in Nothing Important.


About El

She is an award winning multi-genre published writer and journalist who has won national awards for her TV scripts, short stories and novels.

She is a trained Psychologist who has published both fiction and non fiction books.

She has been published in some of the best selling Parenting and Family Magazines : Young Parents, Young Parents Baby, Young Parents Preschool Guide, Mother & Baby, Family and Today’s Parents.

Of more recent times, she has also been mentioned or featured on the following websites :

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But El’s burning ambition is really to be the first certified Nonsense Blogger who will make “Parents spit out their Cake Crumbs laughing, one blog post at a time”.

There are so many expert websites who have more degrees than an angle and more qualified than her to advise and therefore, all she wants to do is make you laugh, a lot…and maybe sometimes cry because not everything is funny.

El is open to partnerships or alliances, please send all queries or fan hate mail to el@agentspitback.com.au where her personal assistant, aka, her other alter ego, The MULK will read her correspondence.

Don’t make The MULK angry or The MULK will “smash” your email.

**PS. I don’t know why I am writing in the third person.



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