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Chap 29a A Break Up letter to Free Time


*This post is a legal addendum to “Don’t say the F word!”   Dear Free time, I am so sorry to have to say this but I have to stop seeing you. I have never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would ever say this to you. There was so much screaming and shouting of denying or refusing, all from me, I might add. You have only been so gracious, so understanding and so kind to me. I do not deserve you. I never cherished or treasured you till it was too late. I still remember the day we…

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Chap 29 Don’t say the F word!


The clouds were dark and heavy with rain. There was a storm brewing as leaves were floating and dancing all around me. I walked as fast I could to get back home. There was a salty scent of rain in the air mixed with excitement, tension and nervousness as it comes with any impending storm. The day was dreadful, dark and dreary and there was a storm brewing, but I was absolutely happy. With my laundry plans thrown out of the window, I suddenly had 6 hours to myself. I could not go to the shops to get the ingredients…

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Chap 27 The Mummy Stalker


“Come on out!” “I’m not! School’s not safe.” “School IS SAFE!” “It’s NOT!” “Don’t be scared.” “I AM NOT SCARED!” “You are too!” said Sean. “Killer looks, blank stares, gossip bombs, the strategies, the planning, the dodging…the female diseases, I might not survive at all,” I cried while locked in the laundry room, “It’s the MOST dangerous place in the world and you’re making US go there everyday!” “The kids are fine. YOU’RE the one who is scared,” my husband said while I could hear him munching on something whatever that will not put a single gram on his manly…

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Chap 25 The Most Unoriginal Mummy Idea Ever

Decorative antique edison style light bulbs against brick wall background

There were five tables with strange items for a P&C (PTA) meeting set around and some chairs placed at the back. There were knives, chopping board, bits of food, uniforms, photographs, plants etc. Mmm, maybe there was going to be a talk and probably a slideshow of some kind? I was up for some entertainment tonight. There could be some wine and cheese as well. I was strangely surprised at how calm I was. I quickly went to the seat that was farthest behind and behind a pillar. I squeezed past Melanie, a new migrant mother who only spoke English from…

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Chap 24 When you should keep your promise

Cannoli Siciliani

“You have to go.” OMG, it was going to be one of those long days. I could already feel my blood pressure rising. “No!” “Yes!” Little beads of perspiration were already forming, threatening to murder my make up. “NO! You’re not the boss of me and you can’t make me.” “MUMMY, YOU have to go. You promised you’ll go to the meeting at school today. They’re looking for Mummy Volunteers.” Ethan said sternly from behind the locked door.   A promise, A Parent’s Promise –often made in a haze of “I’m not really listening but just nodding so that you’ll…

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Chap 23 Benefits of being Involved in your child’s school


I  sat in my bathtub – in my choice of a white formal dress (I knew the outfit had to akin to my First Holy Communion – it was sacred) with my legs tugged behind me, as if bowing, deep in meditation…well actually like a true Secret Agent undercover spy, I was working out the benefits of being involved in your child’s school.  Benefits of being involved in your child’s school 1. You know what’s happening. 2. You are able to support your child better because you know what’s happening.     Okay, okay, I am boring you with this stuff…

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Chap 22 The Real P&C Hunger Games

Funny girl hiding behind a table

The music was loud and thumping but the silence was deafening. I was running but I felt like I was walking on wet sand. Each step swallowing my foot and pulling me down. I must hurry unseen. Aisle 1 – pick up some bananas and apples…Still safe… Quick now, aisle 2, some sugary laden bad for you bad blue colour for bribery cereal Puffs…no one in sight…dash to back fridge to grab a bottle of milk…quick, duck, School Mummy patrol in aisle 5…hide behind the Twisties…okay, clear…damn, another School Mummy patrol in aisle 8…maybe I should just skip aisle 9…

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Chap 21 What does Hugh Jackman smell like?

portrait young man, smelling, sniffing his armpit bad smell

He stood there with a large grin and he let me hit him. Hugh Jackman, in an old faded shirt and jeans. “Hi Ethan!” A little boy, roughly the same height as Ethan jumped out of the bushes. I screamed, took a step back, and stumbled unto that same smiling man. I felt his hard arms wrapped around me, enveloping in his faint musky scent of fading deodorant, soap, sweat, dirt and Cuddles Fabric Softener. As I look at his piercing blue eyes, as usual, a random thought flashed through my mind : I wonder what does Hugh Jackman smell…

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The making of Agent Spitback


Photo Credit :                 We are a world at war! Battle cries of “Get out of bed NOW!”; “It’s time for school!”; “What do you mean you don’t know where your homework is?” ring out in every home in every street in every state in every country, even right here in Australia, every single day. Fierce battles erupt as barb exchanges continue well into the night of “You’re not the BOSS of me?”; “Why do I have to do that?” and “You’re mean!” Door slamming, screaming, crying and stomping, all part and parcel of…

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