Anthology – Call for Submissions


Psssttt….pssssttt… hey you, yes YOU!

If you walk on a wacky side, if you still laugh about finding your kid’s missing left shoe sicnce 2014, if your kid sings YOU to bed, you’re the kind of writer we’re looking for.

In the spirit of celebrating quirky humour, Agent Spitback is compiling an anthology of parenting posts, written by some of the most hilarious parent bloggers in town, due to published soon.

This is a paid royalties based opportunity.

If you would like to be published, and you think you have what it takes, please paste your post in the body of your email,  3-4 lines about yourself and your social media handles and a pack of TENA ladies to

Posts may be from 900-1400 words, must be parenting/pregnancy related and of course, unusually hilarious. We are not looking for mainstream humour. We are looking for the quirk in quirky. We do prefer original submissions.

The dateline for submission is 3rd October 2016.

You will be informed of the status of your submission by 17th October 2016.

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