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Thanks for coming over to Agent Spitback’s and The Anxious Dragon’s #abitofeverything Linky Party Week 12 where there is no strict dress code, no rules, no dieting (well, almost) but LOTS of fun!

Before we start rolling up our sleeves to have us some fun, I would like to just wag my tail for a bit and say most people have been so fantastic and supportive but there have been some who have been linking without commenting! So once again, my big tail says if you link up, do comment on BOTH host posts and the post before yours and of course as many as you like. Blog Karma is REAL! And we want you to stay to be part of this lovely community.

If you’re new to Linkies, check out this Linky Guide by my Fabulous Co-host, The Anxious Dragon.

Blog Notice : I am will be on a blog break, having my own Pina Coladas and some warm Chocolate Cake end of this week, for the next two weeks, but will come back fully recharged on 25th January.

I’ll still be co-hosting the Linky as usual but do bear with me if my comments, tweets or replies are LATE. I will catch up on reading and commenting once I am back to the Land of Free Wifi. I will read and comment, Pina Colada Promise!

We also have a NEW BADGE, how cool is that? The Dragon Badge is as what it should be : happy and just going with the flow…in my case, usually flowing towards Cake. Go please use the NEW Dragon Badge!



Our most viewed post Winner this week is Maddy- The Speed Bump – Parenting Without Style which is not what the title seems, as she’s not talking about crocs or fashion but the fact that she does not follow a particular type of parenting school of thought. She does what feels right for her and her family, a lovely post about trusting yourself, as a parent.

Well done Maddy, please grab your most viewed post badge!



OUT OF THE HAT  : (In the Anxious Dragon’s own words)

Our first out of the hat post this week comes from A Shoebox Of Memories. Bloggers First Five is a blogging challenge I have not come across before. It asks participants to list and describe the first five blogs they subscribed to and why.

The second out the hat post comes from The Single Swan. My First Chrismas As A Single Mum And I Spent It Without My Son . This is a subject many people can empathise with. I have gone through it myself, the difficulty of negotiating Christmas when you have split up with your childs other parent.

Our last out the hat post this week is from Sarah who writes Life With Waldo. Getting Pregnant Is Suppose To Be Easy Isnt It? is an honest look at fertility problems from the perspective of someone (Sarah) who has gone though it.


The Rules

Please link up to two posts, old or new.

They can be on any subject except giveaways.

Please use the linky badge on any posts you link up.

Please comment on the post before yours and also on both host posts.

Please comment and share the blogging love. You will only receive back what you give out, except for Cake.

The linky will run from 10am (GMT) Tuesday to 12 Midday Saturday.

We will share any posts that have been tweeted to us using the hashtag #abitofeverything and our twitter names  @AgentSpitback and @MrsGrohl4.

If you link up, you are agreeing to be notified of future link ups.

All right? Ready, finish up your second Pina Colada and go link up! 

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