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On our way home, we stopped by the shops for some groceries. As I picked up the basket and headed towards the row of bread, I could hear Ethan chattering excitedly to his little sister about the adventures he had that afternoon in the big kids’ playground.

I clutched the “Enriched High Fibre Omega Three” bread tightly to my chest as I heard him telling his sister about him clutching the ropes of the Spider Web playground as he climbed to the very top for the first time.

“Ooops,” I said as we walked into another wrong aisle looking for some cereal.

“Mummy, remember my favourite? Honey Stars?” said Lizzie.

“Don’t think they have that here…Frosties?” I asked as I picked the one of three familiar cereals they had.

We then walked towards the fresh fruit section.

I cried at the bananas section when he said he had morning tea all by himself as he did not know anyone yet.

“Mummy?” Lizzie asked puzzled as she heard me sniffing pathetically.

“Why are you crying, Mummy?” Ethan asked.

“Bananas! It’s half price today!” I cried as I tossed in another two bunches unnecessarily.

“Oh okay,” said the two kids as they continued their little conversation.

Ethan told of him venturing into the “forbidden” zone, a little way off the oval, the forbidden part of the school. I must have yelped a little as Lizzie looked at me strangely.

“Peanut Butter! Buy one get one free!” I said as I threw two bottles in.

“But you said too much peanut butter is not good for us?” Lizzie said.

“It’s ON SALE Lizzie! What a bargain!” I yelled.

I sniffled loudly again as he talked about having to go to the bathroom by himself for the first time.

“Mummy?” asked Ethan puzzled.

“Nutella…30% off!” I cried as I grabbed the biggest bottle of Nutella and tossed it in.

“But…” Ethan started saying.

“TWO more Lizzie!”

“Mmmm, okay, Mummy?” said Lizzie as she helped me put in another two jars.

I cradled the Omega 3 free range eggs as he gleefully recounted how he had to run away from some bigger boys because he had accidentally interrupted their footie game.

I then cried again and blindly grabbed the biggest bar of chocolate when he said he had grazed his knees when he tripped and he did not know what to do.

“It hurt bad, Lizzie,” Ethan said proudly, “Mummy, why are you crying again?”

“Chocolate bar- buy one get one free!” I cried.

“Ooookkay…Mummy?” said Ethan as he helped me put another two bars into my basket.

I was close to a breakdown when we neared the cashier as he was telling Lizzie about how he didn’t know how to play footie and could only watch the other boys play. I was going to envelope my son entirely in kisses and hugs when we got home. And if that did not work, I was going to wrap him in bubble wrap tomorrow for school.

“That’s fifty one, twenty cents, Ma’am…” said the check out chick.

“WHAT?” I exclaimed. Fifty one dollars and twenty cents for a tiny bit of grocery that was not even going to last three days. I turned red as I fumbled with my coin purse, hoping that there would be miraculously be thirty dollars and twenty cents in change.

“Mummy, are we going to jail because we can’t pay?” Ethan whispered as he saw me count the five cent coins carefully.


“That’s okay, I understand,” the very kind check out girl said and I silently berated myself for judging her on her purple hair, young face and slow nature, “Take your time.”

I dumped the entire contents of my handbag unto the counter and looked for every coin I had.

I could feel the hot steely gazes of the other shoppers as they tapped their feet and could hear the tut-tut. I know because I was once like them, watching and judging.

Mmmmm, what should I buy?

“But Mummy, it’s on sale…” Lizzie whimpered.

“Sweetheart, it’ll be on sale again.” I whispered.

Lizzie opened her eyes wide as I took the cereal, chocolate and peanut butter and two bottles of Nutella out of the basket.

We had to have at least one bottle of Nutella.

These are some tried and tested Nutella Recipes for Parents :

Nutella on toast for lazy or rushed mornings

Nutella on pancakes for grumpy kids (works well for grumpy parents as well!)

Nutella Brownies for sad afternoons/uninvited birthday parties

Nutella Ice-cream desserts for special birthday moments

A teaspoon of nutella, for just because, you love your kids as much as Nutella.

Just like Muriel’s windex, similarly, Nutella Parenting is the wonder balm of scraped knees and elbows, hurt feelings, cold miserable days, hot fights, lazy afternoons and absurdly crazy days.

A big jar of Nutella goes a long way, especially in making of a Mom.


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