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“Got you! She’s here, Daddy!” Lizzie said as I felt her hugging me from behind as I hugged the pillar.

“Come on, Megs-babes…” my husband called out as he pulled our daughter off me and then tried to pull me off.

“Honey, I’ve changed my mind. I’ll homeschool Ethan…” I moaned as my ever patient partner pried my fingers from around the pillars and dragged me by the hair back home.

We then started the trek home.

“He’ll be fine. He’ll love school and make friends really quickly,” He said sharply.

“Well, he can love homeschooling and make friends I actually know….” I was annoyed as I stood glaring at him.

“You’ll be fine too,” said my annoying husband as he held my hand and tried to pull me away.

“No!” I screamed as I collapsed in a heap.

My husband stopped trying to pry my fingers away, as he stepped away and looked at me so solemnly.

“Lady in jeans and t-shirt with strawberry jam stains and a little peanut butter on her chin with hair sticking out everywhere,” he said as he used his finger to clean off the peanut butter lovingly, “ Honey, you know that first time I met you hugging that tree in University…”

“How many times do I have to tell you that it was not a tree…” I hissed, “it was a shrub. The Good Luck shrub! Everyone does it before an exam… …and I did comb my hair this morning, it just looks like this naturally and and …”

“And you’re just being a mother, honey,” he said with a laugh, “remember when Ethan was born and you were always comparing and talking about Ethan’s poo. Worrying that Ethan used to poo 8 times a day while your best friend’s boy poo-ed once a day. You did the poo chart and took photos, hahahaha…”

“What’s wrong with a pee and poo chart?” I then gave out a huge sigh and decided to follow him home.

“I know you just want to do the best for him…”

“Homeschool?” I moaned.

“Honey, look, you’re just worried about Ethan,” he said as we reached our front door, “And he’s great! You did great! You CAN DO THIS!”

That was true! I just sent my eldest to Big School and nothing was going to dampen my mood.

I started feeling so proud that I managed to reach home in one piece. I can do this…I can do…I can..

And then I doubled up in pain.

As the pain seared through my heart, I had an epiphany about all this school business. Most parents are made for this  and obviously I was not one of them.

The pain intensified my epiphany – Could a parent actually fail Primary school?



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