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This week,  the lovely and fabulous Susan K Mann will be covering for me as my children are still on school holidays and the Agent needs to work off all the chocolate she has eaten. She will be hosting along with Hannah!

The Big Pink Link is a Linky for posts from parenting, to DIY, to crafts, to recipes, so feel free to link up what you want to share. I look forward to reading and finding out what you have been up to!



The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback



Winnette’s Picks :

  1. Mad Dad Skillz – Fit Daddy, Fat Daddy – This post by Mad Dad Skills made me laugh and sigh. The loss of time to exercise, the exhaustion and the idea that things were going to be different all resonated loudly. I can’t remember when I last did any form of exercise that wasn’t running around after a child in a play park. It sounds like I need to hire a 7 year old to help! It is also nice to know the whole ‘baby weight’ thing doesn’t just creep up on us mums.
  2. Mum and Stuff – Back In The Day… – I loved this post. I honestly find myself saying ‘Back in the Day’ all too often and I am not even that old… I don’t think, maybe I am! I know some of my ‘cultured’ quotes and references are starting to fall on deaf ears. All of these things from back in the day I remember fondly… How many will our kids experience?

The Agent’s  :

  1. So Happy In Town – MRS S.H.I.T.’S TOP TIPS FOR YOUR FIRST FAMILY SKI HOLIDAY – Susie had me in stitches about her hilarious top tips for your first family ski holiday. From the hot instructor Pierre to baguettes and cream cheese, this is a post not to be missed.
  2. Nursery Whines – The Mother I Hoped I’d Be – This was an absolutely beautiful post about the type of mother we envision ourselves to be, only to realise that we can never be.


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The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

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