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The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback



Hannah Jane’s :

  1. Topsy Turvy Tribe – EMBRACING CHANGES – My first WOW is from Andrea, Topsy Turvy Tribe about how changing to a simpler way of life has had such a positive impact on her family. They, as a family have some big changes coming up and I cannot wait to continue following their family journey.
  2. Naptime Natter – How NOT to do a mum and baby exercise class – also loved this post from Wendy, Naptime Natter about her first experience of a Mummy Baby Spinning class. It might not have gone quite to plan but I really admire her determination and I’m now feeling inspired to finally attempt to get back into exercise myself.

The Agent’s  :

  1. Mum Muddling Through – No Mum Left Behind –  I loved this post as it reminded me of a time when I was a New Mum and lonely and it really meant all the difference when someone took the effort to smile and say hello. A beautiful reminder that once we are no longer the “new Mom”, we should now extend the kindness we were once shown. No Mum should indeed be left behind.
  2. Just Saying Mum – That Tab That’s Open on My Laptop – I could relate so much to this post, having older children myself and having put my dreams/career aside for them for just a while. I just loved this post as it reminded me that we are still who we are, before the kids came along. The pull towards what you are truly passionate about will always be there and just keep that tab open!

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The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

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