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It was lovely catching up on your posts and I look forward to reading more this week. Did you know that the shops here have started playing Christmas Songs already? So I do hope everyone is getting their Christmas Lists organised.

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The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback


The Agent  :

  1. IslandLiving365 – Should I be Censoring Myself? – Emma has written a very thought provoking post asking if we should censor what we write, or our feelings when sharing on our own blogs? Do we have a right or responsibility? I found myself ruminating over what Emma has said and I admit it’s still something, writing beyond the safe topics, which I haven’t dared tackle but she has definitely given me much food for thought.
  2. Twin Pickle – Pumpkin Wars : The Six Year Old Competitive Streak – This is such a funny but real post on what it is like when your kid has developed a sudden competitive streak. She writes here  – “We have competed a number of times recently. Only the previous day we had friends over to make pizzas. “We’re having a pizza making competition!” She said excitedly. That’s not what I said but that’s what she heard.” This exchange made me laugh as I remembered the times when my kids were just as competitive about everything imaginable but yes, this Mum here has had to lose!

This Mums Life :

  1. Siens Says – I don’t like it! Toddlers and Frustrating Food Battles – I loved this one by Siena Says-a light hearted look at toddler fussiness, that hit the nail right on the head!! I’m sure lots of mums would read it and understand!
  2. Rhyming With Wine – Newborn Instruction Manual – And this one from Dawn-it was heart warming, down to earth, hilarious, and full of gentle but brilliant advice, all at once! An absolutely gorgeous read!

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The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

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