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We have some exciting news to share this week. Please give a warm welcome to the lovely Hannah from The Diary from An Ordinary Mum this week to #bigpinklink. Hanna will be joining us as a guest co-host while Pink Pear Bear is away on holidays. So please feel free to tweet her as well using @TheOrdinaryMum for Retweets.

Hannah and I look forward to reading all the posts and sharing some bloglove this week.

Quick Update : I have started posting the actual diary entries of the Secret Diary of Agent Spitback on Facebook and will be linking these posts as my Host Post from time to time. So if the blog is quiet, please pop over to my Facebook to have a peep at Spitback’s diary. Blog posts will continue but in tandem with Facebook entries.

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The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback


Agent Spitback  refuses to decide between the 3 posts and has decided to feature all three this week:

  1. Nursery Whines – ParkLife – An Homage – If you are a mom, then going to the Park is a sacred and special ritual. This parenting parody had me laughing at “All the Parents. So many parents.” What a hilarious interpretation of “ParkLife”.
  2. The Stented Papa – The Daddy Tag Challenge – I really enjoyed  Ross’ refreshing writing style and you can tell his personality at the first line “Ok so, let’s do this – saddle me up and call me Shergar” which hooked me right in. I am keeping an eye on this one, he should be fun to follow!
  3. Mummy In a Tutu – The Battle of Motherhood -Practically Perfect in Every Way – I could  relate to this post by Katie as she writes about we judge ourselves harshly against our own expectations of what the perfect mother should be. We just need to rememeber that we are already the mother our children need. Beautiful words that tugged at my heart strings.

This Mums Life  :

  1. This one – The Tween Preen : Hair Removal by Siena Says because it bought back a LOT of awful hair removal disaster memories for her! It was also a thought provoking look at how to approach this sensitive issue with your own children.
  2. And this one Mr Right : Clara Finds Love Online from Utterly Feral was one of the best accounts of online dating I’ve read!! Just brilliant!!


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The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

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