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What have you all been up to? It is now the school holidays and the children, though there are some who think they are not children anymore, are thrilled to have no homework and the Agent is thrilled that she does not have to worry about school lunches, homework, missing library books and those spelling words.

I have linked up my Facebook Post for this week (as I have been writing rubbish there too) but if you can’t access Facebook for whatever reason, it doesn’t really matter. Happy for you just to comment on any of my other posts or just drop a message to say Hi!  I would love to get to know you all better, it’s not just about comments for me.

The Big Pink Link is a Linky for posts from parenting, to DIY, to crafts, to recipes, so feel free to link up what you want to share.

Pink Pear Bear, This Mums Life and I will take it in turns to host, so that means at any one time, there will only be TWO hosts but all three of us will RT your tweets!




The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback


Pink Pear Bear  :

  1. The Tree That Just Won’t RIP – The Laughing Mom – her jaw was dropping all the way through and I ended up incensed on her behalf!
  2. Guest Post : Ana Tody – The Right to Grieve – Shoeboxful of Memories – it made her well up just reading it and she can’t imagine the strength you need to draw on to get through something like this.

The Agent :

  1. How to Find Your Inner Child – Petite Words – I could so relate to this post as there are many ways where I don’t feel much like an adult myself and Petite shares the ways she feeds her inner child. “Usually adults are looking for happiness in all the wrong places, maybe you’ve just forgotten the simple joys of the world. but children haven’t.” What a great quote!
  2. Surviving Teens With Attitude – Just Saying Mum – This is such an interesting post on trying to understand teen angst and dealing with it. There has been much teenagerish drama at the Agent’s home and the idea that Parents should count to 10 before reacting is quite refreshing. Helen also reminds us to remember how gorgeous our teens can be and they are. I look forward to reading more of her posts on these issues.


So grab those featured badges!

Love, Life, Laughter and Loveliness.

The rules, (because there must always be some!)

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*Swing by and post a comment on both the hosts’ posts and the post before you, any more is brilliant too.

*The post will run each week from 9am on Monday until we have 75 entries.

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The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

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