Welcome everyone to Big Pink Link 16!

Thank you to everyone who have supported #Abitofeverything and #PassTheSauce and a warm hello hello if you’re now joining me at #BigPinkLink.

I am so very excited to be here and be a part of this vibrant community. I look forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, over some carb-less cake aka cardboard and a bit of coloured juice water.

Yes, the Agent has fallen off the carb-less wagon and there will be no more talking about cake for the next week. I MEAN NO MORE!

Pink Pear Bear, This Mums Life and I are taking it in turns to host #Bigpinklink and so there are only two hosts at any one time but you can tweet or link up through any one of our posts. There are new Featured and Linkup Badges.

**If you have already read and commented on my Host Post – World’s First Father to Hear Newborn Cry At Night from other linkies, feel free to have a laugh/like/comment/share/vomit on my Facebook Post – Welcome to Professor’s Spitback’s English Class

Before we move on to #bigpinklink business, I would like to feature #PasstheSauce Most Viewed Post and Featured Posts. So this would be a bumper post of featured bloggers! So much love to shout out!

A big thank you to the absolutely talented Silly Mummy  for helping me co-host the last two weeks.

Here are our picks for #PasstheSauce :

The Most Viewed Post Winner is The Laughing Mom – Mission(ary) Impossible — well done! It was soooooo funny!

The Agent’s Picks :

  1. Reflections From Me – why are you still friends?  I absolutely enjoyed reading Mackenzie Glanville’s post – her posts are always inspirational and invokes much food for thought. Read this line – “Have you ever opened a cupboard and wanted to shut it straight away because it is so full and messy that you don’t want to look at it?” Mac draws a comparison between a messy cupboard and an equally messy social media account. Focus on the positives, she says.
  2. Five Little Doves – Three Under Three – Laura has written in her usual beautiful writing style about the tears and cheers of having three children under three!

Silly Mummy’s Picks :

1.Shoebox of Memories – Voice of the Voiceless: Bereaved parents and the NHS Maternity Review. A moving, eloquent and informative account of the consultation session, facilitated by Sands, for the independent review of maternity services.

2. Lucy at Home – Toddler Group :  A familiar account of the ‘interesting’ experience that can be mother and child groups, with a nice outcome and message.




The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

#BigPinkLink Featured Posts

Pink Pear Bear :

Pink Pear Bear chose Life by Naomi with ‘A Mum’s Guide To Superheroes. because she thought she described them all so well and also made me giggle! Her second was “Why I wish you’d stop giving my kids sugar” by Mindfully Mummy about feeding her kids sugar because it really resonated with her. She doesn’t know if it’s just her kids but they have a serious reaction to sugar, and although they have treats, they are things like a biscuit, or a bit of cake, packet sweets seem to send them up the walls and then result in tantrums when they crash!


This Mums Life

This Mums Life  chose Someone’s Mum with ‘The Things I Know.  because it was really powerful, very sad, but positive all at the same time, and made her cry a lot. She also picked Nursery Whines with ‘The Omen” because what started as an ominous omen turned into a wonderful, uplifting ending.

So grab those featured badges!


Love, Life, Laughter and Loveliness.

The rules, (because there must always be some!)

*You can link up one post each please. Giveaways are fine, but entering them is not a requirement to participate in the link up.

*Swing by and post a comment on both the hosts’ posts and the post before you, any more is brilliant too.

*The post will run each week from 9am on Monday until we have 75 entries.

*Please use #bigpinklink when commenting on other blog posts so people know where you are coming from and tweet us your link over on twitter, @pinkpearbear @thismumslife and @AgentSpitback using the hashtag #bigpinklink so we can retweet you!

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The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

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