Once upon a time, two young beautiful Dragons went out to play.

There was chocolate, cake, lollies and even an ice cream sundae!

It was not even a special occasion, not even anyone’s birthday.

But they had so much fun and they really wanted to stay.


But what about #abitofeverything?

One Dragon asked the other as they sat on the swings.

But I do really want to EAT more yummy things!

And hey, didn’t we say we wanted to make our own fairy wings?


So the two beautiful Dragons now turned naughty,

decided to enjoy the sun just a bit longer and they both became quite dotty.

The Two Dragons whispered, “We’ll tell them all our noses are stuffy and really very snotty

but we will be back next week same day same time and a little less naughty.”


Due to unexpected circumstances, #Abitofeverything will be back next week! We look forward to seeing you then.


Much blogging love,

The Two Dragons.

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