Howdy, folks!

I hope you all had a great adventure last week! Are you ready for more? Let’s take one more flight to #abitofeverything and have a BLAST!

We had 70 bloggers link up and it has been an awesome experience. Like the Linky says, it is a linky for a little bit of everything, from crafts,  reviews, rants, DIY, parenting, stories, poetry, humour, just about anything and everything.

The Agent Spitback Household had been a beehive of activity as a very shy young girl has blossomed with self confidence, thanks to all of you at the #abitofeverything community and a lot of you also extended that kindness over Twitter which I shared with her. This is exactly what we want – helping to support and nurture each other! Thank you so much for extending a bit of kindness!

Remember to only link up one post each, and help spread the #blogginglove. It is not about the linky, it is all about the community.

So come on buckle up, the seat belt light is turned on and we’re about to take off for another adventure!


Our most viewed post Winner this week is Pickles and Pords – The Reason I haven’t been blogging much – Congratulations Kyles on her third pregnancy! She shares with us about her experience with Morning Sickness, or shall we say, all day sickness, a relentless flow of all day and all night sickness!

Well done, Kyles, please grab your most viewed post badge!




Our first out of the hat post this week comes from Mrs MumNZ – The Awful Truth About Becoming a Mum—a lovely post about how Becoming a Mum can be awful but it is made up of the wonderful moments as well.

The second out the hat post comes Healing Mama Remedies – Ask Away Thursday – My Child Won’t Stop Hitting. Healing Mama shares a simple yet brilliant way to distract your child from hitting – hugs.

Last out of the hat this week comes from One Frazzled Mum – Happy Auntie’s Day Gift Ideas. Tracy shares her daughter’s beautiful and thoughtful idea to have “Auntie’s Days” so that her Aunts would not feel left out on Mother’s Day. She puts together a great list of what you put together for Aunts.


The Rules

Please link up ONE post, old or new.

They can be on any subject except giveaways.

Please use the linky badge on any posts you link up.

Please comment on the post before yours and also on both host posts.

Please comment and share the blogging love. You will only receive back what you give out, except for Cake.

The linky will run from 10am (GMT) Tuesday to 12 Midday Thursday.

We will share any posts that have been tweeted to us using the hashtag #abitofeverything and our twitter names  @AgentSpitback and @MrsGrohl4.

If you link up, you are agreeing to be notified of future link ups.

All right? Let’s link up! 

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