**I am proud to publish a short story (well it was actually longer, edited only for length) by my 13 year old daughter which she wrote for English.  She will be responding to your comments herself”.

Raw and Unedited.


We wake up in a weird lab-like room. There are test tubes syringes and other stuff you would find in a lab. Except you wouldn’t find a whole bunch of people including Grace, Alexis, Mikey and Mr.Hartman standing asleep in giant tubes. I turn to my right to see a half asleep Troye Meller sitting in a chair all tied up. I look to my left to see a fully asleep girl who is probably Sage. My hands are tied behind my back and I squirm to get free, but the more I squirm the tighter the ropes get. I keep struggling until I can almost feel the circulation in my hands get cut of.

“You know, the more you struggle the tighter the ropes get.,” a voice says. It sounds like a boy. A young boy who looks around 15. I turn to see a boy with green eyes, skinny body and he looks very familiar. We both have the same eyes and memories start to swarm my head. Brandon. “We’ve been looking for you Connor.” Brandon says

“What do you want?” I ask but it sounds more like a demand.

“Don’t you remember me, Con?”

“I do but that doesn’t answer my question.”

“We needed you, so that is why you are here.”

“Then why take all the others?”

“Because, Grace was your foster parent at the time, Alexis was your closest person to a sister, Mikey lived with you and you probably considered him as a brother, Mr. Hartman because he was your detention teacher and Sage because we had no one left and we thought it might have worked.”

“And Troye?”

“He just came here with you, oh and when I said we took Sage to try and get you, well I kind of lied.”

“Then why did you get her then?”

“Because Troye is a light sleeper and we both know you care about him a lot.”

“I have never cared about him.”

“We both know that, that is a lie.”

I knew he had a point. But did I actually care about Troye? I hated him at first but what if our meeting at the gas station was no coincidence.

“I assure you that your meeting at the gas station was no coincidence Connor.” Brandon smirks. “We set the whole thing up.” “You two were meant to meet, to stop all of this!” he shouts as he points to the whole lab. ‘The car accident was no coincidence as well Con.” I shoot my head up.

Wait does that mean that? No it can’t be.

“Yes Con, our parents are still alive.” He smirks again.

“What?” I ask. “That’s impossible! I saw them die with my own eyes and cried as they carried them away!”

“Have you never heard of faking a death Con?” “You see they built all this, experimented on a lot of people, created giant beasts.” he looks directly at me “ They even created weapons of mass destruction to destroy the whole world.” He then turns around “But that all was put to rest when they had a dream so real, that they knew it would happen.” he turns around again “You were in that dream, Con.”


Several minutes pass since he left and we are still tied to the chairs.

“We need to escape.” Troye says.

“What do you think I have been trying to do for the past 5 minutes?” I say to him.

“I know, but it wasn’t working we need to think this through.” We sit in silence. There must be a way to get out of these chairs. A few minutes later a little Dire Wolf pup enters the room but nobody follows. He must have escaped from his area. The pup is the size of an adult dog but it has pup like features so I know that it is a puppy.

“The puppy!” Troye yells but it is very faint and quiet,“Get him to bite the ropes.”

“How?” I ask.

“I don’t know, but it is our only chance.”

How do I get it to come over? Do I say here puppy or get over here? The puppy turns its head in my direction and it starts walking over towards me.

“How did you do that?” Troye asks.

“I thought out commands in my head.”

“Try again!” I think in my head the words please bite the rope. The pup waddles over toward the ropes and bites them. The ropes slide of my arms and I tell the pup to help Troye.

I rush over towards the tube with Alexis in it and I start knocking on it. “Alexis,” I say and keep repeating it.

She opens her eyes “Connor?” she questions. “Connor!” she now shouts as if she is relieved. I tell her to move back and I smash the glass. Little shards scatter all over the ground she hops out and we go and get the others. The hallways are very confusing but we manage to find a room full of weapons.

“Take a few.” Troye instructs. We all take a few. As I walk in he stops me.

“You should call the wolf Summer.” He tells me and smirks.

“Troye, now isn’t a good time to be playing around.” He frowns.

“I’m not playing around!” He holds his hands up in surrender. “He told me.” he says and points at the wolf. “He’s very fond of you.” I look at the wolf. He could help us get out of this place. I nod my head at Troye and pick up a knife and an object that resembles a flying disk.


We make our way out of the room and we find our selves at a junction. Right or Left? I think so that I can ask Summer for directions. He looks at me and cocks his head to one side. “He doesn’t know,” Troye says, he then turns his head back to Summer and the two look as if they are having a conversation inside their heads. So I can command and make stuff happen with my mind and Troye can talk to animals. How interesting.

We are all sprinting towards the exit. “Hello Connor.” A man says and we all stop.


A lady emerges from behind him and then a girl and two boys one obviously Brandon drenched in his own blood. He must have been the one Summer tackled. Summer isn’t amused at all and he is growling like a mad dog.

“Connor, it’s been what 4 years?”

“It’s been 9 years.” I say with a tone you would never use while talking to your parents

“Connor, That’s no way to talk to your father.” My mother says.


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