Howdy, folks!

I hope you all had a great adventure last week! Are you ready for more? Show me your boarding pass and get ready for a new adventure about anything and everything?

It was a HUGELY massive adventure for Anxious Dragon and I – 93 bloggers with 123 posts! It was simply amazing as I enjoyed reading the posts on just about a bit of everything! But that has presented us with a little situation – Anxious Dragon did the math and we were doing 8 hours commenting on each and every post and so we were left with the choice to 1) cap the number of entries to 100, 2) not comment on all linked up or 3) restrict the post to one post linked up each.

Anxious Dragon and I both agree that we really enjoy reading and commenting and capping numbers might be unfair and hence we’re going to restrict the number of posts linked up to one.

So this means  PLEASE only link up ONE post each!

Also, I rarely get ruffled but there are some bloggers who are not commenting on BOTH hosts posts or the one before them — please remember blog karma is REAL! We do not like pinpointing but if we as hosts and other bloggers take the time to read and comment on your blog, please afford us the same courtesy.

Oh yes and this week, I am putting up a short story by my very own Mulking! So please be gentle as she will be reading and responding to each comment!

Come on buckle up, the seat belt light is turned on and we’re about to take off for another adventure!


Our most viewed post Winner this week is Naptime Natter – 5 blog posts all new bloggers should read…Wendy has shared the five posts which would help any newbie find their feet in the blogging world in this great informative post.

Well done, Wendy, please grab your most viewed post badge!




Our first out of the hat post this week comes from Just Saying Mum – Excuse me, I have to go be awesome — a funny post on how we really want to answer that question (when asked by a cool but no kids person) when asked “So, what have you been up to?”

The second out the hat post comes from Diary of An Ordinary Mum – Moving with A Toddler and a Newborn — Hannah shares her tips on how to move with a Toddler and a Newborn, and number 1 is “Don’t DO IT!”

Last out of the hat this week comes from Imatwinmama- 10 milestones the baby books don’t tell you about — I found myself nodding along to checking off this list of milestones from sleeping through the night to finger food. My favourite milestone must be “cool toys”. There’s no better excuse than using your child to buy the toy you really want!


The Rules

Please link up ONE post, old or new.

They can be on any subject except giveaways.

Please use the linky badge on any posts you link up.

Please comment on the post before yours and also on both host posts.

Please comment and share the blogging love. You will only receive back what you give out, except for Cake.

The linky will run from 10am (GMT) Tuesday to 12 Midday Thursday.

We will share any posts that have been tweeted to us using the hashtag #abitofeverything and our twitter names  @AgentSpitback and @MrsGrohl4.

If you link up, you are agreeing to be notified of future link ups.

All right? Let’s link up! 

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